Vol. 50 August 2002

Alcohol and Hepatitis Viruses B and C - Double Trouble?
P Abraham, Mukta R Bapat, PM Rathi

Original Articles
High Seroprevalence and Clinical Significance of Hepatitis B and C Infection in Hospitalized Patients with Alcoholic Cirrhosis
S Saigal, D Kapoor, N Tandon, V Thakur, RC Guptan, SR Agarwal, SK Sarin

Panniculitides - A Clinicopathologic Study
R Handa, M Ramam, KK Verma, MK Singh, U Kumar, P Aggarwal, JP Wali

Prevalence of Pathogens in Diabetic Foot Infection in South Indian Type 2 Diabetic Patients
V Viswanathan, J Janifer Jasmine, C Snehalatha, A Ramachandran

Laser Palliation of Esophageal Carcinoma
A Monga, D Kumar, SK Jain

Insulin Sensitivity in Pre-eclampsia
A Sharma, SS Haldiya

Effects of Low-Dose w-3 Fatty Acid Substitution in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus with Special Reference to Oxidative Stress - A Prospective Preliminary Study
S Jain, M Gaiha, J Bhattacharjee, S Anuradha

Short Articles
The Activity of Superoxide Dismutase in Hydroxyurea-Treated Eb Thalassemia
H Ajanta, Sheela Chakraborty, De Madhusnata, DK Bhattacharya, De Manisha

Is Increased Apolipoprotein B - A Major Factor Enhancing the Risk of Coronary Artery Disease in Type 2 Diabetes?
C Snehalatha, A Ramachandran, S Sivasankari, K Satyavani, V Viswanathan, Jaya Misra, MR Girinath, I Sathyamurthy

A Follow-up Study of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis into Adulthood
K Narayanan, CP Rajendran, R Porkodi, K Shanmuganandan

BM Hegde

Medical Philately
JV Pai-Dhungat

Pictorial CME
RK Patial, JK Mokta, J Rana

Update Article
Hepatopulmonary Syndrome
K Das, P Kar

Review Articles
NK Sule, RP Nerurkar, SA Kamath

Ethylenedibromide Poisoning
PK Garg, D Jha, A Agarwal, UJ Jani

Case Reports
Absence of Typically Described Electrocardiographic Changes in a Patient of Hyperkalemia who had Preexisting Electrocardiographic Changes
S Pradeep, V Jorapur, N Desai

Endoluminal Treatment of Infrarenal Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm with Bifurcated Stent-Graft System
S Tyagi, E Piccnini, S Dubey, R Arora

Alopecia Universalis in a Case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
S Chaudhuri, K Basu, MC Dhar, S Das, G Chatterjee, G Banerjee, K Mitra

Myelopathy During Treatment of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anaemia
G Lalitha Murthy, VR Srinivasan, S Kaul, K Gayathri

Torsade De Pointes Probably Induced by Sparfloxacin
A Kakar, SP Byotra

Left Sided Cervical and Thoracic Malignant Extra-adrenal Pheochromocytoma
S Mukherjee, AK Ghosh, RN Basu Mullick

Development of Carcinoma of Esophagus in a Treated Case of Breast Carcinoma : Possibly Related to Radiation Therapy
DN Sharma, NK Shukla, GK Rath

Oral Contraceptive-Induced Central Retinal Artery Occlusion
GS Rekhi, Somna Dheer

Invasive Aspergillosis Caused by Aspergillus terreus in a Non-Immunosuppressed Patient
Susan Verghese, D Arjundas, TPA Shakoor, P Padmaja, SJ Elizabeth, CF Maria

Gonadal Dysgenesis due to Isochromosome Formation
S Mukherjee, K Pandit

Childhood Multiple Sclerosis - Report of Two Indian Cases
TK Banerjee, A Mukherjee, A Bhargava

Sheehan’s Syndrome
RK Singh

Gabapentin for the Treatment of Familial Erythromelalgia Pain
CK Pandey, N Singh, PK Singh

Garlic and Ischaemic Heart Disease
RS Bhatia

Cyanosis - The Right and Wrong of Medical Teaching
RK Sharma, LS Pal

Modern Way of Robbery
J Mokta, RK Patial, BS Prashar

A Critical Evaluation of Signs and Symptoms in the Diagnosis of Addison’s Disease
RK Duggal, KA Ramachandran

Flumazenil in Acute Benzodiazepine Overdose
A Mohan, C Mohan, P Aggarwal, R Handa, JP Wali

Electrocardiogram - A Historical Revisit
AJ Dagli


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