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Vol. 55 • December 2007

Pre-Diabetes, Dysglycaemia and Early Glucose Intolerance and Vascular Health
Shashank R Joshi, R Karne
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Original Articles
Risk of Future Diabetes is as High with Abnormal Intermediate Post-Glucose Response as with Impaired Glucose Tolerance
V Viswanathan, M Clementina, B Mamtha Nair, K Satyavani
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Pulmonary Manifestations in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Sle) with Special Reference to HR CT
S Kakati, B Doley, S Pal, UJ Deka
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Outcome of Sixty Four Cases of Ethylene Dibromide Ingestion Treated in Tertiary Care Hospital
Neelima Singh, OP Jatav, RK Gupta, MK Tailor, R Jain

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Etiopathogenesis and Predictors of In-Hospital Morbidity and Mortality in Posterior Circulation Strokes - A 2 Year Registry with Concondant Copmparison with Anterior Circulation Strokes
Uma Sundar, R Mehetre

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Pictorial CME
Syringomyelia with Syringobulbia
H Priyadarshani, A Harish
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'Himalayan' P Wave
ML Kaushik, M Sharma, R Kashyap
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Update Article
Helicobacter pylori Link to Pernicious Anaemia
HG Desai, PA Gupte
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Case Reports
Medical Ablation of Endobronchial Mucormycosis with Amphotericin - B
Darshana Viswam, VP Gopinathan, Kumari Indira, Shailini Vinod, Natasha Sasankan
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Celiac Disease and Postcricoid Carcinoma
PK Pokharna, A Joshi, AK Raghuram, A Kochar, R Sharma
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Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses in Himachal Pradesh
SK Mahajan, R Kashyap, N Sankhyan, V Sharma, JM Rolain, BS Prasher, D Raoult
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Hair Dye Poisoning
P Bhargava, P Matthew
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Medical Philately

LUC Montagnier - Discoverer of HIV Virus
KP Anand, Y Satapatty, AS Kashyap
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Thrombolysis - The Elusive El-darodo
M Bhattacharyee, SM Hastak
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Disseminated Abdominal Hydatidosis
Imrana Masood, Z Ahmad, SK Singh, Shirin Naaz, Y Usmani
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Pleural Effusion of a Dual Etiology
RC Sahoo, PR Acharya
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Infectious Causes of Macrophage Activation Syndrome
R Karthik
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XIVth National CME in Haematology and Haemato-Oncology
Lectureship 2008
APICON 2008, Hotel Le Meredian, Kochi
Books Edited by Dr PC Manoria
7th International Symposium on Diabetes
DIPSI -2008
CME on Cardiac Sciences

Book Reviews

A Clinical Masterpiece Bedside Clinics in Medicine(Oxford)
Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests – Eighth Edition