Hepatic Involvement in Tuberculosis
AR Chogle

Original Articles
Prognostic Role of Stress Thallium Test in Patients with Significant Coronary Artery Disease
CM Khanna, A Mondal, G Khanna, S Sundariya

Dose and Frequency of Anti-Snake Venom Injection in Treatment of Echis carinatus (Saw-Scaled Viper) Bite
SR Vijeth, TK Dutta, Jyotsna Shahapurkar, A Sahai

Clinical and Ultrasonographic Findings of Carcinoma of Gallbladder in Indian Patients
M Dwivedi, SP Misra, V Misra

Elective Stenting of Extracranial Carotid Arteries
U Kaul, B Singh, R Bajaj, R Sapra, D Sudan,
RD Yadav,R Garg, NS Dixit

Serum Vitamin E in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia
V Singh, S Kharb, PS Ghalaut, S Gupta

Evaluation of Cardiac Function in Iron Deficiency Anemia Before and After Total Dose Iron Therpy
JF Alvares, JL Oak, AV Pathare

Insulin Secretory Response in Healthy Adult Offspring of Hypertensive Parents
R Roy, M Jain, S Maheshwari, RK Goyal

Aortic Valve Disease and Left Dominant Coronary System :A Significant Association
B Chandrasekar, G Sundarsana, KA Abraham

Pregnancy in Premature Ovarian Failure : A Possible Role of Estrogen Plus Progesterone Treatment
AH Zargar, M Salahuddin, AI Wani, MI Bashir,
SR Masoodi, BA Laway

Update Article
Current Status of Low Molecular Weight Heparins in Clinical Practice

MR Vidhya, I Sathyamurthy

Pictorial CME

SB Gupta, HS Ghai

Review Article
Botulinum Toxin : From Toxin To Therapeutic Agent

M Behari, V Goyal

The Healer Inside A Physician

BM Hegde

Post Graduate Clinic
19-Year Female with Cerebrovascular Accident

SK Ahlawat


Case Reports
Tuberculous Liver Abscess

R Roy, RK Goyal, N Gupta

Tuberculous Liver Abscess
Nitya Nand, HK Aggarwal, Manmeet Singh, Dayanand

Case Reports
Hepatic Artery Mycotic Aneurysm of Tubercular     Aetiology Beeresha

LH Ghotekar, TK Dutta, SK Verma, S Elangovan

Primary Fourth Ventricular Hemorrhage
Shilpa M Shete, Sandra Drago, S Tamane, Usha Golapalli,M Khanolkar, Iona Almeida, AJ Paidhungat

A Patel, S Jayaram, A Jha, R Kumar

Spontaneous Knotting of Nasogastric Tube
MMA Kamili, NA Bhat, M Ahmad, SA Kadla

Priapism is Rare in Sickle Cell Disease in India

BP Dash, BC Kar

Anomalous Origins of Right Coronary and Left AnteriorDescending Coronary Arteries : Angiographic Profiles
O SaiSatish, C Raghu, VS Ramachandra, GRK Reddy, PLN Kapardhi, DS Rao

Near Fatal Asthma Following Ingestion of Diclofenac Sodium Tablet
D Gupta, AN Aggarwal, PN Aggarwal, SK Jindal

Wide QRS Tachycardia R Mishra, L Vijayalakshmi

K Gita, S Thangam, K Padmanabhan

Metronidazole Induced Acute Confusional Agitated State
A Rohatgi, R Monga, D Goyal

Retained Intra-Abdominal Drain : A Nine Year Journey
S Aggarwal, S Guleria

Intradialytic Complications in BicarbonateHaemodialysis
AK Gupta, HK Rhotgi

Preliminary Study of Aerosol Delivered Insulin by Oral Inhalation in NIDDM
PG Raman, RS Prasad

Medical Transcription : It's Future in India
RS Bhatia

Inflammation in Atherosclerosis
R Gupta, V Kaul, P Sharma, VD Maheshwari

Comparison of Two Schedules of Hepatitis B Vaccination in Patients with Mild, Moderate and Severe Renal Failure
AS Nanivadekar

Khatnil : A Potentially Lethal Ayurvedic Insecticide
HL Gupta, A Rahotagi, MK Sundarka, N Parakh, R Jindal

Interlobar Effusion
AK Rajput

Interlobar Effusion

KP Paulose

Fixed Drug Eruption Due to Multi-Vitamin Multi-Mineral Preparation

D Gohel

Tuberculosis of the Spleen

VR Joshi