Vol. 49 February 2001

Secondary Amyloidosis in Chronic Rheumatic Diseases
AR Chogle

Original Articles

Neuropathy in Rheumatoid Arthritis
MY Nadkar, R Agarwal, RS Samant, SJ Chhugani, SS Idgunji, S Iyer, NE Borges

Target Gland Functional Status in Patients with Non-Cushing’s Pituitary Macroadenomas Undergoing Transsphenoidal Microsurgery
MK Garg, N Tandon, N Gupta, A Varma, VP Singh

Hyperfibrinogenemia in Patients of Diabetes Mellitus in Relation to Glycemic Control and Urinary Albumin Excretion Rate
Anjula Jain, HL Gupta, Shashi Narayan

Antioxidant and Hypocholesterolaemic Effects of Terminalia arjuna Tree-Bark Powder : A Randomised Placebo-
Controlled Trial
R Gupta, Shalini Singhal,Anuradha Goyle, VN Sharma

Effect of Amifostine on Toxicities Associated with Salvage Combination Chemotherapy
BS Awasthy, PK Julka, S Agarwal, O Nair, R Bhamrah, GK Rath

Prevalence of Rheumatic Diseases in a Rural Population in Western India : COPCORD Study
A Chopra, J Patil, V Billempelly, J Relwani, HS Tandle

Short Articles
Intraocular Pressure Changes and Mountaineering - Preliminary Observations and Possible Application
SK Chatterjee, A Chakraborty

Methanol Poisoning in Medical Intensive Care Unit
TH Trivedi, ME Yeolekar, SB Shejale, RT Taksali, MM Masciel

Pictorial CME
Dystrophic Myocardial Calcification
AK Pande, KK Sethi, R Jain

All that is White is not Milk
BH Hegde

Update Article
Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria
S Afzaal, M Singh, S Fatima, AA Koshy

Review Articles
Pharmaceutical Drug Promotion : How it is being Practiced in India?
A Lal

Apolipoprotein Deficiency and Chronic Liver Disease
SS Shah, HG Desai

Case Reports
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Thyroid Gland
R Agarwal, V Tandon, A Agarwal, G Agarwal, N Krishnani, SK Mishra

Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma Mimicking Miliary Tuberculosis
HR Chandrasekhar, P Shashikala, B Niranjana Murthy, B Vidyasagar, HL Subba Rao

Primary Papillary Carcinoma in a Thyroglossal Cyst
BS Chandran, Anooradha Raman, B Perakath, J Subhashini,
A Nair

Fatty Liver and Elevated Transaminases with Heterozygous Apolipoprotein B Deficiency
SS Shah, HG Desai

Herpes Zoster-Induced Myocarditis in a Patient with Diabetes Mellitus
AK Kundu

Neurocysticercosis Presenting as Reversible Parkinsonian Syndrome
I Mathew, KM Hassan

Tetralogy of Fallots Co-existing with Marfan’s Syndrome - An Uncommon Association
HS Pannu, GL Avasthi, NK Sood

Cardiac Echinococcosis
R Narayan, JT Mathew, PK Shetty

Isolated Idiopathic Unilateral XIIth Nerve Palsy
VP Pandey, R Deshpande, R Talati, A Patel

An Unusual Case of Spinal Tuberculosis : Role of MR Study
D Kishor, RK Garg, S Mishra

Persistent Fever in a Case of Typhoid - An Unusual Cause of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
ME Yeolekar, H Gupta

Assessment of Knowledge Regarding Metabolic Control in Diabetics
Sarita Bajaj, R Mehrotra, K Singh, D Kumar

Relationship Between Osteoarthritis of Knee and Menopause
Anjali Mohan

Hazards of HBV Infection Following Child Adoption
R Chakravarty, MS Chakraborty

Pyomyositis : An Underdiagnosed Entity
R Shukla, MC Pant

Patient’s Adherence to Diabetes Treatment
KK Samal

Immunomodulators in Acute Prolonged Hepatitis
MA Kabeer