Geriatric Society of India

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Monday, 14th January, 2002
(Hall C - Rani Meyyammai Hall, Mezzanine)


1530 1600


Dr. J. J. Sood

Chairpersons : Dr. N. N. Asokan Dr. O. P. Sharma

1600 1620

Late Laxmi Chand Manoria Memorial Oration

Prof. K. V. Krishnadas Thiruvanthapuram

Chairpersons : Dr. N. N. Asokan Dr. P. C. Manoria

1620 1720 


Chairpersons : Dr. Nityanand, Dr. Satish Gulati

Jaundice in elderly


Dementia in elderly


Profile of interstitial lung disease in elderly

Dr. G.C.Khilnani

Strokes in elderly


1720 1740

Rickitts Geriatric Oration

Prof J. R. Sankaran Chennai

Chairpersons : Dr. G. Subramaniam Reddy, Dr. S. R. Iyer

1740 1800

Dr. R. S. Tiwary Oration

Dr. M. Sabir Bikaner

Chairpersons : Dr. G. C. Khilnani, Dr. D. K. Kochar

1800 1830

Executive Committee Meeting



Wednesday, 16th January, 2002
(Hall C - Rani Meyyammai Hall, Mezzanine)


1530 - 1550

Geriatric Annual Oration

Dr. G. Subramaniam Reddy Pondichery


Chairpersons Dr. M. P. Sharma, Dr. O. P. Sharma


1550 - 1650



Chairpersons Dr. (Mrs.) Harbir Kaur Rao, Dr. N. S. Neki


Urinary Incontinence in Elderly

Dr. A. K. Singh Varanasi


Management of Elderly Diabetic

Dr. R.Chawla Delhi


Alcoholic Liver Disease in Elderly

Dr.M.A.Kabeer Chennai


Nutrition in Critically Ill Elderly

Mrs. Rekha. Sharma Delhi


1650 - 1710

Dr. B. C. Bansal & Dr. C. Prakash Oration


Dr. N. N. Asokan, Muvattupuzha Immediate Past President, GSI.


Chairpersons: Dr. C. Prakash Dr. B. Krishnaswamy


1710 - 1810

Free Papers


Chairpersons : Dr. R. S. Gupta Dr. M. S. Gupta



Clinical Efficacy and safety Profile of Candesartan as monotherapy in elderly subjects with mild to moderate Hypertension:

N. S. Neki



A study of the incidence, Clinico-pathological profile and various effective treatment modalities in elderly with chronic bronchitis.

D. N. Moharana, G. C. Pati, C. S.Mishra, S Mohrana, K.B.Samal, A Kar



An Observation on various risk factor evaluation in elderly with CAD and stroke:

D.N. Moharana, S Moharana, K.B.Samal, B.K.Behera, C.S.Mishra, A Kar, D.Sanyal



Diabetes and its complications in the elderly : A comprehensive analysis.

K Syam, K. Jyothidev, S.Madhusoodhanan


1810 - 1830

Annual General Body Meeting of Geriatric Society of India


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