Journal of The Association of Physicians of India









Vol. 55 • January 2007


Stings and Hopes: Toxinomics and Autonomic Storm in the Indian Red Scorpion (Mesobuthus tamulus concanesis, Pocock)
Shashank R Joshi, SM Sapatnekar

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Original Articles
Utility of Scorpion Antivenin in the Management of Severe Mesobuthus tamulus (Indian Red Scorpion) Envenoming at Rural Setting
HS Bawaskar, PH Bawaskar

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Captopril in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Manifestations of Indian Red Scorpion (Mesobuthus tamulus concanesis pocock) Envenomation
A Krishnan, RV Sonawane, DR Karnad
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Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Tobacco-chewers: A Controlled Study
BK Gupta, A Kaushik, RB Panwar, VS Chaddha, KC Nayak, VB Singh, R Gupta, Sadiq Raja
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Update Article
Cardiovascular Events in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Rheumatoid Arthritis : Emerging Concepts, Early Diagnosis and Management
AR Chogle, Anamika Chakravarty
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Review Article
Management of Venous Thromboembolism
R Parakh, VV Kakkar, AK Kakkar, For the VTE Core Group
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Pictorial CME
Recurrent Submandibular Gland Swelling as the Initial Presentation of Sjogren's Syndrome
PP Chakraborty, R Bhattacharjee, AK Maiti, SK Mandal
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Erythema Marginatum
R Sureka, T Khullar, A Kakar
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Case Reports
Organophosphate Induced Delayed Neuropathy
N Nand, HK Aggarwal, Komal Bharti, D Chakrabarti
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Refractory Hyperkalaemia Due to Trimethoprim, Successfully Treated with Fludrocortisone
S Sanjay, RA Annigeri, R Gopalakrishnan
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Primary Duodenal Lymphoma Producing Obstructive Jaundice
SK Bandyopadhyay, A Moulick, Anita Dutta
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Secondary Sjogren's Syndrome and Scleroderma Presenting as Renal Tubular Acidosis
P Baburaj, Laxmi Khanna
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Medical Philately
VVS Naresh, MBR Sarma
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Falling after CABG
R Menaka, TK Sabeer, RR Joshi, A Bhattacharyya
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A Focus Group Study Among Type 2 Diabetic Subjects
R Shobhana, A Christina, P Rama Rao, M Margaret, V Vijay, A Ramachandran
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Adult Onset Still’s Disease
RB Bhagwat, RU Deshpande, DV Rajurkar, SP Ekbote
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Renal Failure and Neuromuscular Weakness in Cleistanthus collinus Poisoning
S Eswarappa
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PP Surya Kumari Prize
BAPICON - 2007
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Workshops for APICON 2007
TOXOCON-3 : Third Annual Conference of IST

Book Review
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