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Vol. 56 • January 2008

Physician's Health : Time To Take Care
Amit K Ghosh, Shashank R Joshi
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Original Articles
High Prevalence of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors among Young Physicians in India
A Ramachandran, C Snehalatha, A Yamuna, N Murugesan
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Prediction of Tubulo-interstitial Injury by Doppler Ultrasound in Glomerular Diseases : Value of Resistive and Atrophic Indices
MR Prabahar, R Udayakumar, Jamila Rose, EM Fernando, R Venkatraman,
V Balaraman, R Manorajan, RE Amalraj, M Jayakumar

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Barriers to Changing Dietary Behavior
Kavita Kapur, A Kapur, Shobhana Ramachandran, V Mohan, SR Aravind,
M Badgandi, MV Srishyla

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Pictorial CME
Microfilaria of Wuchereria Bancrofti - Pre and Post -Treatment
Karishna S Kaushik, Ketoki Kapila, S Kumar, S Karade
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Catastrophic Pulmonary Alveolar Hemorrhage Complicating Warfarin Therapy
JK Thomas, K Jayaprakash, KJR Misiriya, SA Khadar, JM Pappachan
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Review Article
Early Diagnosis of Ckd and Its Prevention
MS Amaresan, R Geetha
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Case Reports
Highly Elevated Serum CA 125 in a Lady with Ascites and Retroperitoneal Mass - A Diagnostic Dilemma
Nandini Hazarika, B Dhabhar, TK Saikia
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Electroconvulsive Therapy in Drug Resistant Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
AL Patel, WA Shaikh, AK Khobragade, HG Soni, AS Joshi, GS Sahastrabuddhe
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Polyarthritis Associated with Testicular Tumour
D Kumar, Rajni, SK Bhattsacharya
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Medical Philately

Amazing Aspirin
JV Pai-Dhungat, Falguni Parikh
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Cessation of Galactorrhea in a Chronic Kidney Disease Patient with Non-Tumoral
Hyperprolactinemia after Renal Transplantation

B Pratap, V Sundaram, G Abraham, Milly Mathews, S Bhaskar
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A Case of Disseminated Abdominal Hydatidosis
RK Singh
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Pleural Effusion of a Dual Etiology
RC Sahoo, PR Acharya
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