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Vol. 56 • July 2008

Preventing Diabetes Through Community Empowerment
Siddharth N Shah
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Original Articles
Increased Awareness about Diabetes and Its Complications in a Whole City: Effectiveness of the “Prevention, Awareness, Counselling and Evaluation” [PACE] Diabetes Project [PACE-6]
S Somannavar, H Lanthorn, M Deepa, M Rema, V Mohan
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Symptomatic Primary Hyperparathyroidism : A Retrospective Analysis of Fifty One Cases from a Single Centre
J Muthukrishnan, Sangeeta Jha, KD Modi, R Jha, J Kumar, A Verma, KVS Harikumar, Kiran Patro, B Srinivas, K Kumaresan, Rayudu Ramasubba
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Limited Joint Mobility and Plantar Pressure in Type 1 Diabetic Subjects in India
V Viswanathan, Sivagami Madhavan, Seena Rajasekar, Satyavani Kumpatla
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Population Based Study of Quality of Diabetes Care in Southern India
A Ramachandran, S Mary , CK Sathish, S Selvam, A Catherin Seeli,
M Muruganandam, A Yamuna, N Murugesan, C Snehalatha
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Pictorial CME
Acute Emphysematous Necrotizing Pancreatitis
SK Ghosh, Debabrata Bandyopadhyay,
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Extensive Scrofuloderma
V Kumar, DN Tiwari, NK Singh
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Update Article
Drug Therapy in Elderly
S Sandhiya, C Adithan
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Review Article
Organizing an Effective Continuous Medical Education Session
AK Ghosh
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Medical Philately

Christian Doppler
JV Pai-Dhungat, Falguni Parikh
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Case Reports
Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia in Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
P Malhotra, MC Menon, Neelam Varma, Baijayantimala Mishra, Uma N Saikia, V Suri, S Varma
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Splenic Metastasis and Bleeding Manifestations - An Unusual Association with Gastric Malignancy
N Chakrabarti, A Moulick, J Saha, A Dutta
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Reversible Left Ventricular Dysfunction in Suicidal Hanging
G Gnanavelu, DBD Sathiakumar
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Castlemans Disease in HIV Infected Patient from Eastern India
D Modak, R Ranjan, SN Haldar, PS Samanta, N Pramanik, SKGuha
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Bilateral Gonadoblastomas with a Left Sided Dysgerminoma in a True Hermaphrodite
(Disorder of Sexual Differentiation) with 46, XY Karyotype
Usha Kini, G Bantwal, V Ayyar, Jyothi Idiculla
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Alkaptonuria and Intramedullary Calcification
S Raina, DM Mahesh, SS Kaushal, D Gupta, DS Dhiman, A Negi, S Sharma
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Minimizing Risks to Drugs
NA Kshirsaga, NJ Gogtay
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Unusual Presentation of Hyaline Vascular Castleman’s Disease
Dinesh Kumar, Rajni
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Doctor's Perceptions about Re-licensing
KS Jethwani, NM Kanodra, HS Kulkarni, NJ Gogtay, SB Bavdekar
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Camphor Ingestion: An Unusual Cause of Seziure
PP Jagadish Rao, Sowmya Jagadish, KM Saralaya, M Kumaraswamy, G Shivaprakash, BSK Shetty
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8th International Symposium on Diabetes
ICP - CME, KOTA - 2008
Lectureship (2008 and 2009)
Award Session of APICON 2009
7th Annual All India Conference of Diabetic Foot Society of India
6th National Conference of Cardiology, Diabetology, Electrocardiology, Echocardiography and Critical Care
AOCC 2010
Mid-APGCON - 2008