Vol. 49 June 2001

Visceral Leishmaniasis : Can We Dream its Eradication
Nirmala N Rege

Original Articles
A Randomized Clinical Trial of Low Dosage Combination of Pentamidine and Allopurinol in the Treatment of Antimony Unresponsive Cases of Visceral Leishmaniasis
VNR Das, A Ranjan, AN Sinha, N Verma, CS Lal, AK Gupta, NA Siddiqui, SK Kar

Left Atrial and Pulmonary Artery Wedge Pressure Monitoring During Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty
KM Krishnamoorthy, S Radhakrishnan, S Shrivastava

Efficacy and Tolerability of Oral Enzyme Therapy as Compared to Diclofenac in Active Osteoarthrosis of Knee Joint : An Open Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
GH Tilwe, S Beria, NH Turakhia, GV Daftary, W Schiess

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 
SR Mehta, M Niyogi, AS Kasthuri, Uma Dubal, S Bindra, D Prasad, AK Lahiri

Comparison of Accuracy and Safety of Computed Tomography Guided and Unguided Transthoracic Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy in Diagnosis of Lung Lesions
BK Dash, SK Tripathy

Medical Disorders Associated with Endometrial Carcinoma
DN Sharma, S Chander, M Gairola, L Kumar, DK Parida, S Pathy

Pictorial CME
DV Kamath, O Prakash, N Shetty

Review Articles
Nitric Oxide for Clinicians
S Krishnaswami

Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes
BK Tripathi, B Gupta, AK Agarwal

Update Article
Clinical Aspects of Chronic Arsenic Toxicity
DNG Mazumder

Case Reports
Barium Carbonate Poisoning Mimicking Guillain-Barre Syndrome
TK Koley, AK Goyal, MD Gupta

Spinocerebellar Ataxia - Type 6
PK Gangopadhyay, B Ghosh, T Roy, N Basu, P Basu, NP Bhattacharya

Reversible Dilated Cardiomyopathy Associated with Thyrotoxicosis
V Ravindran, DS Mathur, AK Gupta, GN Saxena, S Bhondari

Angiosarcoma of the Heart Presenting as Recurrent Cardiac Tamponade
CG Jyotish, D Godkar, YG Gokhlae, SP Pandit, NK Hase

Weber Christian Disease in a Type 2 Diabetic Patient
G Premalatha, L Rajmohan, B Srinivas, V Mohan

Ossification of Posterior Longitudinal Ligament Causing Cervical Cord Compression
AG Diwan, AA Kelkar, KK Krishna, DK Mitra

Biatrial Tuberculosis
SA Murthy, R Dhall, S Jain, OP Yadava, A Bana, G Shivnani

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Myasthenia Gravis
V Chaturvedi, R Handa, P Aggarwal, JP Wali

Erdheim-Chester Disease
A Sood, R Jain, R Kumar, R Malhotra, P Chopra

Gelatinous Transformation of Bone Marrow
Sabita Basu, Neelam Marwaha, Monica Ahluwalia

Oral Hypoglycemics and Azoles : An Important Drug Interaction
R Gupta, A Mittal, LK Bhatnagar, NK Bansal

Tuberculosis and Aquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
NR Rathod

Alpha Interferon in Systemic Sclerosis
VM Shah, GK Mangat, VR Joshi

Study of Hypothyroidism in Indian Females with Idiopathic Oedema
SK Singh

A Strange Case of Headache
SN Sachaan

Blood Pressure Changes During Squatting - A Study in Normal Subjects and its Possible Clinical Significance
A Chakravarty, SK Chatterjee, S Chakrabarti

Pure Red Cell Aplasia with Thymoma
A Samaiya, S Chumber, R Kashyap, Rajeshwari Subramaniam, Sushma Vashisht, Malini Vijayaraghavan, A Srivastava


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