Case Report

Giant Cell Arteritis - A Rare Cause of Fever of Unknown Origin in India

Rita Sood*, H Zulfi**, R Ray+, R Handa***, JP Wali****

*Additional Professor; **Junior Resident; ***Associate Professor; ****Professor, Department of Medicine; +Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi - 110 029.

Received : 10.10.2000; Revised : 22.2.2001; Accepted : 5.9.2001


Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is a systemic large vessel vasculitis. Awareness of various manifestations of GCA is essential for early recognition and prompt treatment so as to prevent complications like blindness. GCA is one of the relatively common causes of fever of unknown origin (FUO) in the elderly in USA and Europe. However, no such cases have been reported from India. A case of GCA presenting as FUO is reported and the literature reviewed. (J Assoc Physicians India 2002;50:846-848)