Review Article

Anergy and Chemokine Receptors

HR Hegde

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Peter Lougheed Centre, 3500 - 26th Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T1Y6J4.

Received : 19.3.2001; Accepted : 28.8.2001


The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) induces a spectrum of immune abnormalities in the host by binding to CD4 molecules and chemokine receptors. Anergy, apoptosis, and immune activation are among the diverse immunological changes observed in the host. Chemokines, being the natural ligands for the chemokine receptors, block the entry of a retroviral strain, which exhibits tropism for the given receptor. This opens new therapeutic strategies and intervention possibilities for treating HIV infected individuals. (J Assoc Physicians India 2002;50:816-818)