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Vol. 51 • June 2003

Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease
RD Lele
Original Articles
Adenosine Myocardial SPECT - Its Efficacy and Safety and Correlation with Coronary Angiogram
S Shelley, I Sathyamurthy, Madhavan, K Subaramanyan, OM Najeeb, P Ramachandran
Treadmill ECG Test Combined with Myocardial Perfusion Imaging for Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease : Analysis of 340 Cases
Vidya Suratkal, M Shirke, RD Lele
Hypertension in the Elderly Population of Assam
NC Hazarika, D Biswas, J Mahanta
Cutaneous Vasculitis — A Dynamic Process Posing Diagnostic Challenge
Betty Alexander, Karuna Rameshkumar, Elizabeth Jayaseelan
Celiac Disease in Osteoporotic Indians
YA Gokhale, PD Sawant, CM Chodankar, ND Desai, MV Patil, S Maroli, MN Patil, NK Hase
Clinical Profile in Gelatinous Bone Marrow Transformation
R Sen, S Singh, H Singh, A Gupta, J Sen
Pictorial CME
Thromboangiitis Obliterans in a Young Male
P Akoul, T Hussain, A Wahid, T Ahmad, M Ahmad
Multiple Intracranial Granulomas
R Reddi, N Sethi, I Anand, PK Sethi
Update Article
Bacteriophage Therapy : An Alternative to Conventional Antibiotics
MD Mathur, S Vidhani, PL Mehndiratta
Review Article
Thalidomide : An Old Wine in New Bottle
MB Agarwal
Medical Philately
KP Anand, VK Sashindran, A Anand
Future Medicare System
BM Hegde
Case Reports
Fatal 2,4-D (Ethyl Ester) Ingestion
S Singh, Sarita Yadav, N Sharma, P Malhotra, P Bambery
Acute Superior Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis Associated with Factor V ‘Leiden’ Gene Mutation
SR Shah, AD Gupta, A Sharma, A Joshi, D Desai, P Abraham
Cytomegalovirus Nasal Polyp after Renal Transplant
AA Kulkarni, SV Badve, SN Tapiawala, RB Deshpande, BV Shah
Metronidazole-Induced Neurotoxicity
AK Gupta, MP Agarwal, R Avasthi, DP Bhadoria, N Rohatgi
Vitamin D Deficiency Masquerading as Pseudohypoparathyroidism Type 2
M Shriraam, A Bhansali, P Velayutham
Diffuse Abdominal Lipomatosis
AH Zargar, BA Laway, SR Masoodi, MH Bhat, MI Bashir, AI Wani, NA Wani
Hemorrhagic Pleural Effusion Due to Pleural Hemangioma
S Nanaware, Dipti Gothi, JM Joshi
Pulmonary Arteriovenous Fistula Presenting as Multiple Brain Abscess
A Kakar, SP Byotra, A Gupta, N Jain
Primary Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Presenting as Venous Infarct and Deep Vein Thrombosis
S Madhavan, R Rajesh, AS Girija
Connective Tissue Lipoatrophic Panniculitis
L Duggal, SC Bharija, Nandini Vasdev
Adulteration of Drugs of Alternative Systems of Medicine with Corticosteroids
Ashima Bhatia, Usha Gupta, G Tayal
Importance of Ankle Jerk in Acute Flaccid Paralysis
D Goel, A Singhal
Selective Serotonin Reuotake Inhibitors - A few Pitfalls
BK Ray, G Guha, N Sarkar, A Mishra, A Senapati, SK Das
Falciparum Malaria Precipitating Hyperkalaemic Periodic Paralysis
MK Mohapatra, SP Das
Ethylenedibromide Needs to be Banned as Food Fumigant
Ravikant, S Geed, DS Chitnis
Book Reviews
Clinical Methods in Cardiology
Comprehensive Medical Toxicology
Action Potential to Arryhthmias
Pulmonary Function Tests in Health and Disease
Adherence to Long-term Therapies Evidence for Action World Health Organisation -2003
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