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Vol. 56 • June 2008

XDR-TB in India : When will we Heed the Alarm
ZF Udwadia
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Original Articles
Prevalence and Predictors of Pulmonary Artery Hypertension in Systemic Sclerosis
Uma Kumar, R Ramteke, R Yadav, M Ramam, Rohini Handa, A Kumar
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Efficacy of Teriparatide in Increasing Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis – An Indian Experience
BK Sethi, M Chadha, KD Modi, KM Prasanna Kumar, R Mehrotra, Usha Sriram
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Transjugular Liver Biopsy Using Tru-cut Biopsy Needle: Kem Experience
K Rathod, H Deshmukh, L Nihal, S Basappa, P Rathi, Shobna Bhatia

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Prevention Awareness Counselling and Evaluation (PACE) Diabetes Project: A Mega Multi-pronged Program for Diabetes Awareness and Prevention in South India
(PACE - 5)

S Somannavar, H Lanthorn, R Pradeepa, V Narayanan, M Rema, V Mohan

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Pictorial CME
Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
SK Ghosh, Debabrata Bandyopadhyay, G Chatterjee, Arghya Prasun Ghosh
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Symmetrical Peripheral Gangrene
R Avasthi, SC Chaudhary, KP Singh, JS Makker
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Update Article
Challenges in Diabetes Care in India : Sheer Numbers, Lack of Awareness and Inadequate Control

Shashank R Joshi, AK Das, VJ Vijay, V Mohan
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Review Article
Hemophagoctic Lymphohistiocytosis – Recent Concept
Maitreyee Bhattacharyya, MK Ghosh
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Case Reports
Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis due to Naegleria fowleri
V Kaushal, DK Chhina, Shobha Ram, G Singh, RK Kaushal, R Kumar
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Myocardial Damage in Hair Dye Poisoning - An Uncommon Presentation
Neelima Singh, OP Jatav, RK Gupta, MK Tailor
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Purpura Fulminans in a complicated falciparum Malaria
A Khaira, V Gupta, A Gupta, S Mahajan, D Bhowmik, SC Tiwari
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Fatal Cerebral Abscess caused by Cladophialophora bantiana
IA George, Mary S Mathews, R Karthik, Lydia John, A Sundar, OC Abraham, V Joseph
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Medical Philately

JV Pai-Dhungat, Falguni Parikh
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A Case of ADEM following Chikungunya Fever
AK Mohamed Musthafa, P Abdurahiman, James Jose
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Brachydactyly and Ectodermal Dysplasia - Is It a New Association?
TM Anoop, S Simi, PN Mini, Manjula Ramachandran, PK Jabbar, PK Rajakumari, P Sujathan
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An Interesting Case of Gastroenteritis with‘Shock’
Shibin T Sudevan, BB Sharma, RS Rao, V Singh
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Recurrent Reversible Jaundice, Neuropsychiatric Manifestations, Dementia and Ataxia as Manifestations of Vit. B12 Deficiency
Deepika Joshi, N Kumar, A Rai
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8th International Symposium on Diabetes
ISHTM 2008
6th International Congress on Geriatric Care & Anti Ageing Medicine
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