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Contents March 2006
Vol. 54 March 2006
Avian Influenza: Waiting for Godot?
SM Sapatnekar

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Original Articles
Effects of Tamoxifen Therapy on Plasma Lipid Profile in Patients of Breast Cancer
Sapna Gupta+, VR Tandon+, B Kapoor+, A Gupta*, GD Gupta**, V Khajuria+

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Spectrum of Clinico-pathological Changes in BarrettOesophagus
RS Punia*, Savita Arya**, H Mohan***, A Duseja***, A Bal+
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Micronuclei Evaluation of Reduction in Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Related Acute Toxicity in Locally Advanced Lung Cancer : An Indian Experience
A Bahl*, S Chander*, PK Julka*, GK Rath*, DN Sharma*, A Kumar**, O Nair*
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Efficacy of HIV PCR Techniques to Diagnose HIV inInfants Born To HIV Infected Mothers – An IndianPerspective
Ira Shah
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Pictorial CME
Calcified Guinea Worms in Breast
S Mathur*, RS Gahlot**
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Cutaneous Histoplasmosis in Acquired Immunodeficiency
S Datta*, SK Pal**, AK Kundu**, AK Saha***, SK Bandyopadhyay****,
RO Karthak*****, A Boler#
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Update Article
Imatinib Mesylate : A Designer Drug
Inusha Panigrahi*, R Naithani
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Review Article
Exjade (ICL 670) : A New Oral Iron Chelator
MB Agarwal
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API TB Guidelines
API TB Consensus Guidelines 2006 : Management of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Extra-Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Tuberculosis in Special Situations
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Medical Philately
JV PaiDhungat, Falguni Parikh
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Case Reports
Acute Axonal Polyneuropathy in an UnventilatedPatient with Sepsis
R Mathew*, A Rajalakshmi**, D Grillet, Veena S Krishnan+, S Madhusudhananan++
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Macrophage Activation Syndrome
MK Kumar*, MK Suresh**, D Dalus***
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Renal Abscess
NP Jaik*, K Sajuitha*, Milly Mathew**, Uma Sekar***, Sarah Kuruvilla+,G Abraham++, S Shroff+++
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Sudden Death due to Cardiac Toxoplasmosis
DN Lanjewar*, SV Agale**, AR Chitale***, SR Joshi+
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Papillon Lefevre Syndrome
SV Dhadke*, PM Kulkarni**, VN Dhadke#, NS Deshpande#, PR Wattamwar##
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Melnick- Needles Osteodysplasty Presenting With Quadriparesis
SK Bandyopadhyay*, J Ghosal**, Nandini Chakrabarti***, Anita Dutta+
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Organophosphorus Poisoning : A Study on the Effectiveness of Therapy with Oximes
S Shivakumar*, K Raghavan*, RM Ishaq**, S Geetha***
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Significance of Noseclips During Spirometric Maneuver in Patients withCOPD
Dipti Agarwal, PP Gupta*, S Sood, KB Gupta*
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Textbook of Environmental Emergencies
Fundamental Issues in Bio-medical Ethics with Real Life Examples for Better Understanding
Handbook of Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs