Vol. 48 November 2000

Hypertension in Elderly
ME Yeolekar
Original Articles  
Profile of Hypertension in Elderly Subjects 
S Dwivedi, G Singh, MP Agarwal
L-carnitine Moderately Improves the Exercise Tolerance in Chronic Stable Angina 
RN Iyer, AA Khan, A Gupta, BU Vajifdar, YY Lokhandwala
Protein Intake in Indian Haemodialysis Patients
NM Kamat, S Bulchand, BV Gandhi
Tropical Pyomyositis : Experience of a Tertiary Care Hospital in North-West India
P Malhotra, S Singh, Archana Sud, Savita Kumari
A Randomised Controlled Trial of Intradermal Hepatitis B Vaccination and Augmentation of Response with Erythropoietin
U Anandh, PP Thomas, JCM Shastry, CK Jacob
Role of Autoimmunity in Nonviral Chronic Liver Disease
DN Amarapurkar, AD Amarapurkar
Nosocomial Pneumonia in Medical Intensive Care Unit 
TH Trivedi, SB Shejale, ME Yeolekar
Troponin-T in Unstable Angina-A Clinical and Angiographic Study  
GR Kane, CB Keshavamurthy, RB Sethi, R Mathews
The Role of Dietary Protein Restriction in Indian Patients with Chronic Renal Failure
Z Patel, LI Bhattacharjee, BV Shah
Short Articles
Hemoglobin E Disorders in the North-East India
S Piplani
Relapse Pattern of Plasmodium vivax in Mumbai : A Study of 283 Cases of Vivax Malaria
NJ Gogtay, S Desai, VS Kadam, KD Kamtekar, SS Dalvi, NA Kshirsagar
Pictorial CME
Disseminated Cysticercosis 
V Jain, NK Sethi, L Duggal, PK Agarwal, VP Sachar
Medical Education 
Evaluation of a Short Course on Diabetology for Practising Doctors  
HB Chandalia, S Purohit, PS Lamba
Review Articles 
Potential and Novel Therapies for Asthma 
KS Babu, ST Holgate
Discrete Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis 
BD Sharma, S Mittal, RR Kasliwal, N Trehan, V Kohli
Case Reports 
Cranial Irradiation - An Unusual Cause for Diabetes Insipidus
VP Jyotsna, SK Singh, Richa Chaturvedi, B Neogi, SK Bhadada, RK Sahay, SK Singh, JK Agrawal
Snake Bite Presenting as Acute Myocardial Infarction Ischaemic Cerebrovascular Accident, Acute Renal Failure and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulopathy
AC Upadhyaya, G Lalitha Murthy, RK Sahay, VR Srinivasan, V Shantaram
Acquired Immunodeficiency Sydnrome Presenting as Testicular Tuberculosis
P Kumar, P Shashikala, HR Chandrashekar, NK Alva
99mTc- Sestamibi Scan in a Patient with an Ectopic Parathyroid Adenoma 
AG Unnikrishnan, MS Seshadri, S Rajaratnam, Krishnaveni, A Nair, Nylla Shanthly
Cronkhite Canada Syndrome
A Sood, Neena Sood, Vandana Midha
Cockayne Syndrome
GQ Khan, G Hassan, M Yaseen, T Masood, GH Hajini, Dilshada Akhtar, T Qureshi
Risperidone Induced Cytopenias 
A Biswas, P Mittal, S Chaturvedi, A Prasad
Segmental Neurofibromatosis with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum 
I Hassan, PA Shah, GM Malik
Primary Midbrain Hemorrhage Presenting as Parinaudís Syndrome 
D Sareen
Hemiplegia in a Patient with Fibrocalculous Pancreatic Diabetes 
NG Sastry, V Mohan
A Preliminary Trial of Serratiopeptidase in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
PC Malshe
Lipoprotein (a) and Coronary Heart Diseases in Indian Population 
A Rao
Exercise Induced Changes in QT Dispersion Before and After Coronary Angioplasty 
KM Krishnamoorthy, PK Dash
Safety and Immunogenicity of an r-DNA Hepatitis B Vaccine (Hepavax-gene) in Healthy Indian Adults 
P Abraham, TS Narayanan, FP Mistry
Epidemiological Studies in Developing Countries 
RK Dhamija
Tuberculous Peritonitis - An Uncommon Presentation 
I Mathew, KM Hassan
Tuberculous Mediastinal Adenopathy Presenting as Dysphagia 
Rita Sood, Renu Gupta