Vol. 50 November 2002

Primary IgA Nephropathy - Clinical Course and Outcome
NK Hase

Original Articles
Prognostic Factors in Immunoglobulin-A Nephropathy
T Muthukumar, ME Fernando, M Jayakumar

Clinical Profile of Hereditary Spherocytosis in North India
I Panigrahi, SR Phadke, A Agarwal, S Gambhir, SS Agarwal

Clinical Profile of Sickle Cell Trait
BC Kar

Oxidant Stress in Pre-eclampsia and Essential Hypertension
CA Kumar, UN Das

Health Conditions in the Tribal Villages of South Bihar : An Epidemiologic Survey
MS Friedman, Jyoti Somani

Evaluation of Ventilator-Associated Lower Respiratory Tract Infection and Trachebronchial Aspiration of Gastrointestinal Contents
HS Hira, S Zachariah, R Kumar

Prevalence of Hepatitis B Infection within Family Contacts of Chronic Liver Disease Patients - Does HBeAg Positivity Really Matter?
Varsha Thakur, RC Guptan, Veena Malhotra, Simi F Basir, SK Sarin

Ethics in Genetic Research
HL Dhar

Short Articles
The Clinical Spectrum of Neurocysticercosis in the Uttaranchal Region
A Varma, KJBS Gaur

Attitude of Teachers Towards Teaching
A Bhalla, UN Jajoo, SP Kalantri

Surfactant Protein-A in Lung Lavage Fluid Obtained from Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
D Behera, Simran Kaur, G Sathyanarayana, S Majumdar

Medical Philately
JV Pai-Dhungat

Pictorial CME
Nalini Ganesh, P Soundara Rajan, M Muthiah, P Byju, K Ganesan

Review Articles
Emphysematous Pyelonephritis
TG Sean, S Sheshadri, K Saravu

New Insights into Circadian Aspects of Health and Disease
RB Singh, D Pella, Kuniaki Otsuka, F Halberg, G Cornelissen

Case Reports
Acute Paraplegia Following Viper Bite
S Singh, A Chattopadhya, Archana Sud, A Wanchu, P Bambery

Elephantiasic Pretibial Myxedema in Graves’ Disease
VK Sharma, Apra Sood, A Sood, MK Singh

Depression - An Adverse Event with Nifedipine
AH Patalia, NR Rathod, RR Gandhi, DR Goehl, YK Oza

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Presenting as Splenic Rupture
A Rajagopal, R Ramasamy, J Martin, P Kumar

Melioidosis-A Report From Pondicherry, South India
Reba Kanungo, P Pradhan, S Bhattacharya, J Srimannarayana, S Jayanthi, RP Swaminathan

Does Cyclophosphamide Benefit Relapsing Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura?
V Agarwal, B Sharma, Amita Aggarwal, R Misra

Virtual Bronchoscopy in Carcinoma of Lung
KK Krishna, MM Jain, M Arafat, MN Dube

Successful Outcome of Pregnancy in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
CP Sharma, AN Aggarwal, K Vashisht, SSK Jindal

Paroxysmal Dyskinesia in Phenytoin Toxicity
AS Girija

Computed Tomography as a Diagnostic Tool in Acute Renal Cortical Necrosis
K Rathod, A Garg, G Chavhan, N Rathod

Hepatic Encephalopathy Associated with Central Pontine Myelinolysis
R Bhat, R Pais, Bhat

Cockayne Syndrome
KM Sabitha, KPA Rahiman, PA Majeed

Prevalence of Migraine in Hypothyroidism
SK Singh

Postprandial Hyperglycaemia - The Real Challenge in Diabetes
J Jauhari

Hepatotoxic Reaction to Warfarin in a Recovering Hepatitis Patient with Hypoalbuminenia
A Bamanikar, S Hiremath

Boerhaave’s Syndrome in Pregnancy
R Soman, S Gohar

Postprandial Hyperglycaemia-The Real Challenge in Diabetes
SK Singh

Isolated Follicle - Stimulating Hormone Deficiency Syndrome
SK Singh

Use of Lidocaine Spray for Pain Relief and Improved Quality of Life in Terminally Ill Cancer Patients
DM Joglekar, MY Joshi, SY Paranjape, AS Sowani

Free Radical Activity in Diabetic Patients with and without Microalbuminuria
J Ahmad, M Singh, J Banerjee


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