Vol. 48 October 2000

Role of Oxygen Free Radicals in Septic Shock
S Prayag

Original Articles
Role of Oxygen Free Radicals in Shock
Simmi Kharb, Veena Singh, PS Ghalaut, Anjali Sharma, GP Singh

Role of Supravital Staining of Urine Sediment and Bright Field Microscopy in Diagnosis of Acute Renal Failure in Bedside Medicine
AK Dinda, C Singh, SC Dash, SC Tiwari, SK Aggarwal, D Bhowmik, A Bagga

Ventilatory Pulmonary Function Tests in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
P Makkar, Meenu Gandhi, RP Agrawal, M Sabir, RP Kothari

Behavioural Intervention in the Management of Compliance in Young Type-I Diabetic
P Matam, V Kumaraiah, C Munichoodappa, K MP Kumar, S Aravind

Aetiology and Treatment Response in Patients with Spontaneous Diabetes Insipidus
S Rajaratnam, K Shailajah, MS Seshadri

Lung Function in Mitral Stenosis
RS Chatterji, BN Panda, SC Tewari, KS Rao

Evaluation of Oxidative Stress Before and After Haemodialysis in Chronic Renal Failure
SN Chugh, S Jain, N Agrawal, Anjali Sharma

Short Articles
Comparative Bioavailability Study of Clonazepam After Oral Administration of Two Tablet Formulations
BL Chauhan, SP Sane, SN Revankar, L Rammamurthy, B Doshi, AD Bhatt, VR Bhate, RD Kulkarni

Non Traumatic Paraparesis : Aetiological, Clinical and Radiological Profile
S Srivastava, NG Sanghavi

Pictorial CME
A Case of Ochronosis
K Shanmuganandan, CP Rajendran

Update Article
Role of Micro-Nutrients and Trace Elements in Carcinoma of Larynx
M Tandon, U Kapil, S Bahadur, SN Dwivedi, P Pathak

Review Article
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis-Challenges of Recognition and Management
SP Sane, AD Bhatt

Cerebral Malaria
RK Garg

Case Reports
Cryptococcal Prostatitis in a Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
N Sharma, S Varma,N Varma, S Kumari, A Chakrabory

Strongyloides Hyperinfection Syndrome - An Unappreciated Opportunistic Infection
Uma Sekhar, Molly Madan,Mary Ranjitham, Georgie Abraham, G Eapen

Non Familial Juvenile Polyposis Presenting as Chronic Intestinal Obstruction
Renuka Panchagnula, Usha Kini

Trichosporon beigelii Peritonitis in a HIV-Positive Patient on Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
S Anuradha, A Chatterjee, J Bajaj, NP Singh, SK Agarwal, R Kaur

Poems Syndrome
JN Panicker, K Pavithran, M Thomas

Renal Stone Disease As Extra Skeletal Manifestation of Osteogenesis Imperfecta
D Venugopala, S Babu, MP Korath, K Jagadeesan

Masked Myotonia Presenting As Recurrent Head Inury
BG Ponnappa, D Venugopal, MP Korath, K

Interesting Case of Migraine Presenting with Recurrent Episodes of Migraine Coma
D Sareen

Controversies About the Statistical Significance Level
AS Arekar

Human Leptin Deficiency and Resistance
I Mathew, SK Sharma

Increased Sacral Angle and Chronic Low Backache
YA Gokhale, Chaya Verma

Elections and Nail Growth : A New Physical Sign?
OM Prakash

Paroxysmal Alien Hand Syndrome
MA Aleem

Changing Trends of Poisoning at Railway Stations
Anjula Jain, MK Bhatnagar