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Outbreak of Polyarthritis with Pyrexia in Western Rajasthan

A Kalla+, VS Chadda++, LA Gauri+++, Anjali Gupta*, Sumitra Jain**, BK Gupta+++, Sunila Chaddha***, KC Nayak++++, VB Singh+++, MR Kumhar+++++

+Senior Registrar; ++Professor and Head; +++Assistant Professor; ++++Associate Professor; +++++Ex-Registrar, Department of medicine; *Senior Demonstrator; **Professor and Head, ***Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology; SP Medical College, Bikaner - 334 003.

Received : 6.6.2000; Revised : 4.8.2000; Re-revised : 8.5.2001; Accepted : 1.6.2001


Aim : To establish the etiology of recent out break of polyarthritis which occurred in Kanvari village of Churu district of Rajasthan in August, 1999.

Methodology : Forty eight patients of polyarthritis were studied by Hb, TDLC, ESR, CRP, throat swab Gramís stain and culture, blood culture, ASO titer, rheumatoid factor, Rose Bengal plate agglutination test, standard tube agglutination test for brucellosis, widal test, urine examination, X-ray chest, ECG and X-ray of the affected joint.

Results : Forty eight patients presented with acute polyarthritis with low grade fever of 1-2 week duration. Most common joint involved was sacroiliac joint (52.08%). Most of patients had multiple joint involvement (93.75%). The Rose Bengal plate agglutination test and standard tube agglutination test for brucella were positive in high titres in 44 (91.60%) patients. All the patients were treated with therapy for brucellosis and followed up for 12 weeks and responded well without complications.

Conclusion : In case of polyarthritis possibility of brucellosis should always be kept in mind. (J Assoc Physician India 2001; 49 : 963-965)