Vol. 48 September 2000

Dietary Fibre and Ischaemic Heart Disease
V Mohan

Original Articles
Is Dietary Fiber Beneficial in Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease
BU Vajifdar, VS Goyal, YY Lokhandwala, Sheetal R Mhamunkar, Safala P Mahadik, Ashwini K Gawad, SA Halankar, Hema L Kulkarni

Epidemic Dropsy-A Clinical Study of the Delhi Outbreak
NP Singh, S Anuradha, DK Dhanwal, Kirti Singh, A Prakash, K Madan, SK Agarwal

Incidence of Tuberculosis Among Patients Receiving Treatment with Oral Corticosteroids
PN Agrawal, D Gupta, AN Aggarwal, D Behera

Composition of Gallstones and Sequential Events in Biliary Lithogenesis - Is it Different in South India Compared to North
AM Amin, N Ananthakrishnan, TK Nambinarayanan

Intracystic Tetracycline Therapy for Hypofunctioning Cystic Thyroid Nodules
MK Garg, L Satija, SK Khanna, JS Saini

Lipid Profile in Smokers and Tobacco Chewers - A Comparative Study
M Khurana, D Sharma, PD Khandelwal

Short Articles
Variation of Axillary Temperature and Its Correlation with Oral Temperature
V Singh, A Sharma, R Khandelwal, K Kothari

The Foam Mattress-Back Syndrome
PA Koul, MH Bhat, AA Lone, AN Koul, A Wahid

Pictorial CME
Pseudocyst of Pancreas with Mediastinal Extension
Rajashree Khot, RG Salkar, Madhuri Paithankar, Shalima Gautam, S Sengupta

Update Article
Evolving Trends in the Etiopathogenesis of Acute Renal Failure
JN Panicker, RKVisweswaran, M Thomas

Review Article
Therapeutic Angiogenesis
NK Mishra, RSK Sinha, S Malhotra, B Gupta, BK Tripathi

Face of God
BM Hegde

Case Reports
Disseminated Tuberculosis Causing Bilateral Adrenal Enlargement and Addison’s Disease Sarita Bajaj

Heterophil Negative Infectious Mononucleosis Like Syndrome Due to Hepatitis B Virus
GP Thami, AJ Kanwar, Alka Goyal

Histoplasmosis : An Unusual Presentation
SK Singh, SK Bhadada, SK Singh, OP Sharma, NC Arya, VK Shukla, JK Agarwal

Hydroxyurea Induced Leg Ulcers
D Abhyankar, Chetna Shende, T Saikia, SH Advani

Situs Inversus and Compressive Myelopathy in Klippel Feil Syndrome
MK Jain, M Jain, PK Baghel

Primary Hypothyroidism Presenting as Vaginal Bleeding in a Five Year Old Girl
Sarita Bajaj

Multiple Myeloma Presenting as Malabsorption Syndrome Due to Amyloidosis
SK Chakraborty, A Chowdhury, Soma Kar, S Mondal, S Basu, AA Ahmed

Familial Pelger - Huet Anomaly in a Female with Adenocarcinoma of Colon in a Cancer Prone Family
J Shenoi, Claribel Britto, Irene M Thomas

Effect of Protein and Phosphate Restricted and Calcium and Alphacalcidol Supplemented Diet on Renal and Parathyroid Functions and Protein Status in Chronic Renal Failure Patients
BV Shah

Bradyarrhythmia Due to Rauwolfia in Homeopathic Doses
S Wadhwa

Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Poisoning : Report of Two Cases
S Singh, V Hariram, S Jain, K Singh

Idiopathic Hypoparathyroidism with Extensive Intracranial Calcification Associated with Kinesogenic

AS Girija

Relevance of Timely Multidrug Antimalarial Regime in Falciparum Malaria
VP Gopinathan

Acute Intermittent Porphyria : A New Cause of Posterior Leukoencephalopathy Syndrome
RK Garg

Neurocysticercosis Presenting as Chronic Meningitis
KM Hassan, I Mathew

Angina - An Indian Disease
S Dwivedi, A Chaturvedi

Prognostic Factors in Severe and Complicated Malaria
KT Madhavan, UN Jajoo, A Bhalla

Availability of Thiazide Diuretics in Chandigarh
S Malhotra, P Pandhi

Norfloxacin-Induced Hallucination - An Unusual CNS Toxicity of 4-Fluoroquinolones
AK Kundu

Medicine in the Next Millennium
VP Gopinathan